Light Strike Array reimagines the VR battle arena with a focus on
tactical teamplay and dynamic body movement—without the usual nausea.

Get LSA on Steam Early Access. Master the Spectral Arts. Outshine the competition.

Get Physical. Get Sharp. Get Good.

You are a Shard, a crystalline fragment of a scattered cosmic entity. With your Band exiled to an unfamiliar dimension, you seek to claim a new home in this otherworldly planescape.

Control the battlefield with Torchwave, a novel skill-driven locomotion system. Throw your Torch from Cell to Cell to flicker through reality. Catch it before it arrives, or be left exposed!

Master Light Strike Array's suite of intricately physical weapons, each with a unique playstyle. LSA's zero-nausea combat means anyone can learn to shatter in style—with training and discipline, of course!

Read more about LSA's unique gameplay here.


In Light Strike Array, two Bands of up to three Shards each fight​ ​to​ ​destroy​ ​the​ ​enemy​ ​Heart​ while protecting their own.

Each Heart is protected by a Corona. In order to shatter the veil, your team must forge the Censer. And for that, you're gonna need Salt​.

Salt​ is used to crystallize new tools and weapons. Scour the salt beds for these cubic crystals, and bring them to the Well under your Heart. With each completed pillar of Salt, your Heart forms tools of increasing strength. Claim the Censer, shatter the Corona, and break the exposed Heart to claim victory!

Learn more about Heartbreak here.


Light Strike Array features a brilliant spectrum of tools and weapons, each balanced around a unique physical style. Claim the Rod and strike with precision from afar, or close the gap with the Sword and its air-cutting blade beams.

Non-confrontational? Wear the Focus and weave powerful Spells through intricate hand Signs. Or, take the Vial, and carry your team to an optimal victory with your mastery of movement and mining.

The greatest Bands play to their allies’ strengths, forming multi-talented squads. Do you and your friends have what it takes to outshine the competition?

Check out the full gamut of tools and weapons.


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