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Who are Unwieldly Systems?

We're currently a small team of two millennial upstarts from California, looking to give hardcore gamers like ourselves a Dang Good Reason to take VR seriously. We're doing that by making Light Strike Array hyper-physical, without sacrificing the depth that makes great multiplayer games stand the test of time. We'll leave the pointing & clicking to mouse & keyboard.

Why Early Access?

LSA is designed to be deep, physical, and competitive, but making such a complex and experimental game by ourselves often means backlogging quality-of-life polish. Early Access lets us battle-test the design with VR gamers thirsty for depth and nuance—and willing to put up with the occasional bug. With support from players like you, we'll have the resources to polish up the aesthetic and make the full release a proper spectacle!

Why does it have to be so hecking complicated though

We believe complex multiplayer games stand the test of time—because gamers innately enjoy learning new things. Depth compels players to come back to try new playstyles, hone their skills, and learn advanced techniques.

We also believe modern gamers are complex people, and every person has their own unique tastes. We love games that encourage everyone to bring something different to the table in pursuit of a common goal. The more playstyles we encourage, the more spectacular Light Strike Array becomes.

So is Light Strike Array an esport?

That's your call, player. Not ours. We see Light Strike Array as a uniquely competitive game that could, someday, grow into something legit, and we're gonna keep building it toward that—but the players give the final seal of approval.

What's with the movement system?

We call it Torchwave. The best competitive games out there are built upon robust and nuanced movement systems, but none of them translate well into VR. So, we designed one ourselves, and made it the heart of Light Strike Array. Torchwave has a few neat properties that make it especially conducive to competitive play:

  • Throwing the Torch takes time, skill, and focus, adding a physical cost that point-and-click teleport lacks. This makes the decision between blinking and using your legs much more interesting.
  • Short blinks end up being much easier than long ones.
  • By anchoring a player's VR space to discrete Cells, players can't accidentally "corner" themselves between a virtual wall and a real one.
  • While phased out out of reality, players have a couple seconds to safely get their bearings.
  • The toss has windows of vulnerability at the beginning and end. The vulnerability at the start comes from the natural wind-up—and at the end, there's a delay before you can bring up your Shell, based on the precision of your catch.
  • The arc of the Torch through the air telegraphs your destination, allowing enemies to follow and punish predictable movement.
  • And, of course, the teleportation-derived design minimizes the risk of nausea, which levels the playing field. (VR is already inaccessible enough as-is.)

What's coming in the full release?

We've got a few ideas in the pipeline, but nothing's final. Everything's subject to iteration and change, so don't quote us on anything, aight?

We'll say that new objectives, tools, and levels are all on the table. We'll also be polishing the user experience up over time - so let us know what your pain points are! Keep in mind, we're super tiny right now. A lot of it boils down to what we can manage based on the support that we get.

Are the graphics, sound design, etc. final?

While we do intend to keep the style within the loosely-defined parameters of "crystalpunk," you can probably expect the aesthetic to evolve a bit.

What are the system requirements?

You can read more about our requirements on our Steam Page.

Will you be supporting other VR systems?

We aren't currently planning on it. Light Strike Array's design relies heavily on high-precision motion tracking, in a way that most other VR games do not, and supporting other systems right now would take a lot of work, or would require us to compromise on the game design.

Isn't unwieldy spelled with one "l"?