Familiarize yourself with Light Strike Array's various facets.


Heartbreak is Light Strike Array's primary game mode. Two teams, called Bands, of up to three players each, race to break the enemy Heart. However, each Heart is shielded by a powerful barrier called the Corona, which disintegrates enemies that would wander too close.

Only the Censer can protect your Band from the Corona, and to unlock it, you're gonna need to get some Salt. Scour the Salt beds for these cubic crystals, and strike one by throwing your Torch at it. Pull it back to your hand, then relay it back to your base. As your team dissolves Salt in your Well, your Pillars grow, and each one complete unlocks new Tools for your team to wield.


Each Tool in Light Strike Array is balanced by its unique physical properties - and not all Tools are weapons. Each differs in utility, cost, and style.

Light Bombs

By holding a Torch then clicking grip, any Shard can form a Light Bomb. With a powerful throw, Light Bombs sail through the air, homing in on their target, but fizzle out if thrown weakly.

The Vial

Compactly stores up to six Salt crystals. Touch a Salt crystal to the Vial to dissolve it, then toss the filled Vial into your well to bank them all at once. The Vial's bearer is often called the "Miner," and their efficiency sets the tempo for the game.

The Sword

A terrifying close-range blade, with a couple tricks up its sheath. The Sword shatters enemy Shards instantly, but only reaches one Cell away. However, with a clean and powerful stroke, it can launch beam waves to pressure distant foes. It can even reflect projectiles, with careful timing!

The Bow

A simple but versatile mid-range weapon. Pull the string back with your second hand to form an arrow of light, then release. Each shot takes energy, so be careful not to burn yourself out!

The Rod

The Rod delivers precise destruction from extreme ranges. Hold the Rod with both hands, keeping it steady to charge and fire its beam. After each shot, reload the Rod by twirling it in wide circles until its rings are realigned.

The Focus

The Focus is worn on the back, and allows you to cast a variety of Spells by forming sequences of hand Signs. See the next section for more details.

The Censer

The Censer protects nearby allies from the harmful radiation of the enemy Corona. Race to unlock the Censer first, then rally your team for an attack on their Heart!

Spellcasting, Signs, & The Focus

Light Strike Array's most technical tool, The Focus, allows you to cast a variety of Spells by chaining sequences of hand Signs.

Spellcasting: The "Double Tap"

With the Focus on your back, and your hands empty, perform the Double Tap to begin channeling. Once the Glyph has flashed in front of you, perform the correct sign sequence for the Spell you wish to cast. There are six signs, and each Spell is tied to a specific sequence of these signs. To use the same sign back-to-back, invert it by swapping your hands' positions.


Inner, vertical. Invertible. Position one hand above the other, pointing the tip of each controller toward the sky, as though holding a spear.


Outer, vertical. Invertible. Position one hand high above pointed up, and another far below, pointed down, as though holding a pole.


Inner, horizontal. Cross your arms, positioning each tip outward, and the triggers forward, as though doubting credibility.


Outer, horizontal. With arms uncrossed, point both tips outward and triggers downward, as though welcoming old friends.


Inner, longitudinal. Invertible. Position one hand in front, tip forward and trigger sideways, as though offering a bag of gold from your palm. Position the other close to your chest, tip sideways, trigger forward, as though reaching for your backup plan.


Outer, longitudinal. Invertible. Position one hand far in front: tip up, trigger forward, and the other behind your back: tip down, trigger backward, as though holding a bow, and reaching for another arrow.


Double Tap >> Dancer >> Bouncer >> Healer
Aura. Periodically heals damage and removes silence from allies within range.


Double Tap >> Ranger >> Healer >> Ranger
Aura. Allows the Torch to be caught from any range, at the expense of energy.

Shade Bomb

Double Tap >> Soldier >> Soldier >> Merchant
Launches a dark sphere forward, draining the light from enemies it hits, and disintegrating enemies that are tapped out.